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Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf

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Thank you, darling margoleon. Now I can’t stop thinking about Will answering his phone calls without checking caller ID. All “Hello, Hotlips”, wry humor, and sarcastic flirtation- thinking only Matthew dials him so late in the evenings. And Jack is just so not impressed.

"I don’t want to know, do I, Will." 
"I’m sorry."


After all this time we have an airdate!

Sept 15th! Save the date!

Both Jonathan Tucker who played Matthew Brown in Hannibal, and Chris Diamantopoulos who played Clark Ingram in Hannibal will be in it. 

[Will Graham] sluiced his head and went dripping to grab the receiver.

"Hello, Hotlips."
“You silver-tongued devil, this is Byron Metcalf in Birmingham.”

Will Graham flirting with Mol- with Byron Metcalf.

Thomas Harris, Red Dragon, 1981 [chapter 40]

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You catch these killers by getting into their heads, but you also allow them into your own.


Anon request-Will Graham (Hannibal)