Watched the season finale of Hannibal….

불쌍한 윌사스미이이이이ㅠㅠ


The Soul Bound AU

Where they share a positive feedback loop of thrill and pleasure.

[Let me put on a show. Let me put on a show for you, tiger.]

[bleed him, taunt him, take him, yes]

- “Yayo”, Lana del Rey, bolded


Knowing his godfather will not approve of skipping class to see The Bent-Winged Snitches, Teddy Lupin calls for some spiritual intervention.


The Manhunt AU 

"Hi, Matthew."
"Hello, Mister Graham. I’m just out for some groceries. What’s the occasion? <3"

"Did you like that?"
"[moan] Y-yes, came right in my pants. What about y-"
"Good. Can you track Bedelia’s travel expenses for me?"

Where Matthew finds himself in a long distance emotionally abusive relationship alliance with Will. And one-sided phone sex happens. A lot.

Ugh i watched the first hour of Hannibal the movie but they started getting into the hanging (with Hannibal lecturing) and it wasn’t capturing my attention anyway.  At least i know a bit about Pazzi and what a scumbag Krendler is.

Title: Something In The Way
Artist: Nirvana
Played: 10697 times


nirvana | something in the way


You guys wanted more Brownham kidfic, right?


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i made this dessert drink that’s pretty good in my opinion so i thought i’d share.  Can be made using vegan or non-vegan food stuffs.

1/4 pint vanilla ice cream
2 ripe bananas, chilled if you want this to be entirely cold
a bit of milk (i used sweetened vanilla almond milk)
pumpkin pie spice (if you don’t have that, cinnamon works just fine)
maybe a little splash of alcohol if you want.  you could use spiced rum and then not put in the above spice

Then you blend that shit up.  i advise you to not put in too much spice at first, then test it and see if you need more.


There might be another shirt punch thing being released. DLC are hinting at a thing being released at midnight.