Hugh Dancy in Blood and Chocolate (2009)

Oh my wizard god, that movie was awful. Have some fluffy Dancy gifs so you don’t have to watch the whole movie.


I want to know everything about Will’s dad.

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Here’s my headcanon: Samuel Graham was ex-Navy, suffered from “post-vetname syndrome” (aka PTSD) and was discharged from the Navy.  i’d say he’s around 5’11”.  He died of a heart attack (probably from the alcoholism) the summer before Will went to college, and his savings gave Will the money to get through his education, though he still had to keep one or two jobs to keep afloat and start his own savings.  

Though he was an alcoholic, he tried his best to hide it from Will.  He felt an immense amount of shame about how he couldn’t just “man up” or “get over” his PTSD and depression, which he seemed to always have.  His wife died when Will was six, but had rarely been home due to her own mental illness.  She suffered from dissociative fugues.  She would forget who she was and wake up on a train or a bus-stop bench not knowing who she was, and lived as a homeless person until she was found or brought in by police or to a hospital.  This happened many times, until she ended up killing herself, jumping in front of a train.  The sheriff came to their trailer and told Samuel that he was on his own with a three-year-old boy.  That was Will’s first memory.

Samuel was a solemn man.  He had a scraggly beard, his shirt always smelled of sweat (him and Will rarely ever took their clothes or towels/sheets to a laundromat.)  He would be a very thin man, if not for the alcohol that quelled his flashbacks (Sam’s family had a history of sleep problems.  He also grinded his teeth and had nightsweats, and would throw his shirt on the floor when it was soaked.  He let Will sleep in the only bed in their trailer, while he slept in a reclining chair.)

Despite his aloofness, it was clear he loved Will very much.  He rarely said it directly, but he was always teaching Will things, like how to build a boat motor, how to fish and fly-tie, how to patch up threadbare clothes, how to shop for food while penny-pinching.  At first, Samuel told Will he couldn’t feed stray dogs that slept in their trailer park because they didn’t have money or food to spare, but after seeing how happy it made him, his dad didn’t reprimand him, and would give him scraps of their fish or other meat to feed him.  They often fished together, both because it was enjoyable and it was free food.  When he realized Will was a little different from the other kids, he never tried to “correct” him, but let him be.  At times Will was bullied by the kids at his newest school, and Samuel cleaned his wounds and showed him how to throw a good punch.  He also taught him practical things, like how to have pride in himself and the things he did or made.

Though Samuel needed alcohol to get by, he tried to only drink when he absolutely needed to, until Will went to sleep.  Then, he could get drunk, and did nearly every night.  When Will was younger, he just thought his daddy slurred because he didn’t sleep very well and he was always tired.  As a teenager, when Will went for long walks to clear his head or try to hire himself out, he would come back and put a blanket over his passed-out dad.

A lot of schools would send notes or letters home from school about Will.  Some teachers would comment on how dirty his clothes were or how he could never sit still or pay attention.  Others commented he had no friends and he always seemed sad.  A few times, they brought in Samuel and questioned him about how he was taking care of his son.  They could smell the alcohol on his breath, which made them even more suspicious.  They also asked Will questions, like if his dad was ever mean to him or how he got that busted lip (a bully.)  Later on Will realized that they thought he was abused, that his father abused him, and that infuriated him.  His father had done the damn best that he could, and yet these people couldn’t see that.  That’s why he get so angry when people, especially a rich person like Hannibal, insinuated that he was abused.

Tear gas



Do not wear contact lenses if you are in a situation where you may be tear-gassed.  When I went through basic training, we were warned that there was a possibility the tear gas they were using could melt contact lenses.



Hi, I’m Depression. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Happy Hour! Tonight we’re drinking ginger ale… well, Depression is, anyway.

If you need to talk to someone, call 1-800-273-TALK.

Incredible monologue.

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“When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin’, but not to help.”

I’ve been doing some anatomy practice with the Hannibal cast (I could probably find a better way to phrase that, but I’m not going to) and decided to throw this together for fun.

Mediums used: nubby 7B graphite pencils (eyes), charcoal (background) + tinkered with on GIMP.






i don’t understand why people write will as swearing in ff when he almost never swears in the show….. he wouldn’t say “God, you look so hot” either, he’d say some metaphorical shit and hannibal would get that look on his face that’s like “hot damn” but doesn’t actually say anything out loud

He doesn’t swear in the show because it’s a network show. 

He swears in the novel Red Dragon, and given some of what he says to Molly…”God you look so hot” really not out of the realm of things he’d say. 

I understand if people don’t like a Will who swears and says things like “hotlips” but I really, really do. I love a Will who both cusses like a sailor and who easily employs florid, figurative language. A Will and a William, blue-collar and educated, gruff and thoughtful, sensitive and pragmatic, introspective and crude. 

there’s an interesting disconnect between show!will and novel!will that’s very small but also glaring obvious and has to do with the very 70s/80s lingo he jives in the book that contrasts with the poetry of the character’s narration. show!will talks like how novel!will thinks and they mostly do away with that part of the character all together so it’s facinating to see when authors manage to put that part back

Bolded for yes. The purplish quality of Thomas Harris’s prose right at the beginning of his writing career seems to be something which greatly appealed to Fuller’s sensibilities, and using it during dialogue was a clever way to hold unto the purple without film noir-like voice-overs. The fact that the show is a network show and that the rest is so tonally consistent might have made them do away with the crudeness of language. However, I appreciate when both worlds manage to find themselves and meld seamlessly in fanfic.

(csb:My father is a very well-spoken man and yet once when he hit himself on the finger with a hammer exclaimed, “May God shit on Satan’s tits.” )