I can empathize with anybody.
Less to do with personality
disorders than an active

"What do you see behind closed eyes?"
Hannibal Lecter



You have won The Geekiary’s Favorite Horror Themed TV Show Poll 2014!  It was a long and hard battle, but you did it!  You’ve claimed the title two years in a row.  Can you claim it again next year?

The In the Flesh fandom deserves a shoutout for their incredible show of force, too.  Good luck on getting season 3!  We’re rooting for a renewal.

Title: Another One Bites The Dust
Artist: Queen
Played: 2997 times


another one bites the dust // queen

how do you think i’m gonna get along
without you, when you’re gone?
you took me for everything that i had
and kicked me out on my own

Listening to music while i voted like 500 times for Hannibal, i realized that both “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen and “The Bird and the Worm” by The Used work when applied to Hannibal.  The screen got blurry for a bit cause i was just hyperfocused on finding the word “Hannibal” amidst all the shows.

The hunter’s moon, also known as the sanguine moon, is the first full moon following the harvest moon (the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox). Here the moonlight illuminates ice crystals in the upper atmosphere to give a rainbow halo effect around the moon. This is called a lunar corona


it is necessary for children to be raised with dogs


Don't make the same mistake I've made; being your own psychiatrist.
Anonymous said:
hi cutie. miss you. Hope you had a good day. xo

Wow hello, thank you!  No need to miss me, i’m right here all day, every day.  Unless you meant in real life, but that’s another story.  Hope you had a good day too!  Hannibal started filming today, so that’s something!

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